Mission Statement

We are a team of real estate professionals that specialize in Luxury and Investment Real Estate. All across the GTA we uncover hidden gems to expand your portfolio to the most optimum level. With our combined experience of 10 years we have a tactical and holistic approach. It is our firm belief that when facing a significant and gratifying life changing financial decision, we help you build and accomplish this with a wealth building approach.

Here at Estate Hill we recognize the value our trusted clients place in us and we strive every day to exceed their expectations. Properly surveying the best solutions no questions asked. Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Not only do we pride ourselves on nurturing relationships but making sure we build upon them towards a better future. Our mantra is all about strength in numbers. There is an undeniable standard that we convey to help invoke the best experience for our clients.

Meet the Team:

David Frimpong

David is the founder of Estate Hill. He is an Ontario-wide Real Estate Professional. Starting his career at the age of 21, he was able to grasp the concept of Real Estate Investing early on. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in economics from Carleton University he is able to critically analyze deals and seek out equity gain for his clients.

He is extremely knowledgeable in the investment and luxury real estate space handling clients from all professions locally and internationally. He takes pride in helping his clients achieve their financial goals and household dreams.

Nathan Bui

Nathan Bui is the first recruited team member for Estate Hill team. He went to school at the University of Guelph for Commerce. Nathan has built many years of interpersonal relationships and has an innate understanding of people. 

Why he chose real estate in his own words: “ I believe practicing real estate will lay that next building block and foundation for me. I invested in a property at a young age and by making that choice it has helped catapult me to greater opportunities and now I want to give back by showing people that equity and investing in yourself really matters and can drastically change your life. I want to instill these values and preach this to society and enable people. I want to empower the youth and make sure our quality of life gets even higher. I love relationship building and I just want people to continuously flourish and live a fulfilling life. Helping people is what I appreciate doing the most and I hope I can do that partaking on this next career path.”

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